BH Runs


13 Jun BH Runs

BH Runs

Our sporty colleagues have entered into the „K&H mozdulj!” marathon and half marathon relay race. Despite the current heatwave we have finished the race in a good mood with good result, placed firmly in the middle of the results board.

Our office had two entries in the 3x2km category race, the „Kólasültkrumpli” (Cokeandfries) team finished with the time 32:37 placing them on the 31st place, the team „Don’t panic!” finished with a time 34:08, on 47th place out of the 67 total.

We had 3 teams who proved their enthusiasm by running the 3x7km half marathon split race. In this category our team called ‘Béhá’ finished with a whopping time of 2:00:44 at 104th place, the team ‘Gyalogkakukk’ finished with a 2:12:11 time, with 230rd place, and our team ‘Svéd húsgolyó’ finished with a time 2:14:15 on the 263rd place out of the total 410 participants.

Congratulations to every participant!

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