About us

Sustainable, innovative, socially sensitive architecture in our changing world

We design buildings that respect and enhance their surroundings, respond to the aspirations of developing communities, provide a comfortable and healthy living and working environment, and offer attractive venues for cultural and leisure activities.

Committed to sustainable development, we strive to create buildings that are timeless, environmentally friendly and likeable, while meeting the needs of our clients.

Our design community is based on teamwork, building on the creativity of all our designers. As a result of collective thinking, our knowledge, experience and values are not pooled, but rather multiplied.

Our portfolio ranges from single-family homes that require a personal touch to large-scale, complex projects, designed to a high architectural quality and as a result of a professional process.


Professional development

We regularly participate in joint training courses, conferences, round tables, building tours and organise our own leisure activities.
We are looking forward to welcoming well-prepared, reliable and professional new colleagues to our team.

Company culture

We currently have more than 40 staff members who have breakfast together in the office on a monthly basis, we represent BH in almost every running race, we organise bike rides several times a year, our ping-pong table and darts board are in daily use, and we have used the office microphones for karaoke.

ÁDÁM Viktória architect
BALLA Vivien trainee architect
Bánáti Béla founder, lead architect
Bánáti Bodó project architect
Bárdi Emese senior architect
Batári Bernadett senior architect
BUKTA Csaba project architect
CSABAI Bence architect
DOBI Zoltán architect
DOBOS Csaba architect
Dr. PETRUSKÁNÉ CSORDÁS Mónika senior architect
Fényes Kitti architect
Ferencz Tamás senior architect, BIM specialist
Fürst István back office manager
Hágen Kata senior architect
HAJNAL Ábel architect
HARTVIG LAJOS DLA founder, lead architect
HAZLER Edina architect
Kádár Gergő senior architect
Kalmár Dorina architect
Kátai Éva project architect
Kiss Anikó financial referent
Kiss Noémi project architect
Korintus Gábor partner, architect
Kovács Dóra building construction specialist
Kovács Gergely senior architect
Kutas Edina HR manager
Lénárt Szabolcs project architect
Lőcsei Vera architect
Márkus Péter architect
Márton Annamária architect, RFP engineer
MÉSZÁROS Ádám architect
Molnár Zsuzsanna PR
Nagy Eszter administrator
Nagy K. Gergely system administrator
Nagypál Viktor project architect
NÉGYESSY Adrienn project architect
Nyirati Zoló project architect
ÓNODI Gábor architect, BIM specialist
OROSZ Ádám architect
Pákozdy Petra architect
Palkó Szilvia senior architect
Pusztai Lilla senior architect
ROSTÁS Nikolett architect
SCHEILING Balázs architect
SIMON Zsófia architect
STEFÁN Viktória architect
Szabad Gabriella back office assistant
Szabó Péter senior architect
Szécsi Ákos senior architect
Székely Ágnes partner, architect
SZEKERES Attila architect
Szilágyi Norbert architect
Szloboda Gergő senior architect
TAKÁCS Zsolt project architect
TOSHIKJ Maja architect
Trinh Hai Dang architect
Vass Zoltán senior architect
WALDMANN Andrea landscape architect specialist
Zajacz Judit project architect


Responsible Architecture

We are committed to sustainable development, we strive to create buildings that are timeless, environmentally friendly and lovable.

Green targets

The practice of environmentally responsible architecture requires expertise, which requires continuous learning. It is our responsibility to apply the knowledge we have acquired. In our practice, we are committed to all of this.




If you are interested, feel free to contact us, we are always ready for a good chat!

e-mail: bh@bh.hu
Tel: +36 1 467 2131

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