2017. 05. 09.
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Drechsler Palace – W Budapest

Drechsler Palace

We have set off.

We started the planning process, during which we will design the reconstruction of the Drechsler Palace (also known as the Ballet institute, originally the pension palace of the Hungarian national railway company), the long abandoned building will finally come to life again.

We plan to reconstruct and transform the monument to its original state, so it would continue its glory and sparkling as in its early days. The 5 star W Hotel, part of the Marriot chain, will move into the revived building. The biggest challenge in the design process is to find the high standard, energetic and unique design which at the same time also brings locality to the front with a harmonic connection to Lechner’s ‘fine polished’ Renaissance Revival style building.

The new image is starting to take shape…..


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