2018. 05. 08.



After our thorough and detailed planning process, we started the landscaping and building of our local garden on the afternoon of the 26th of May. We decided to rebuild the outside surrounding of our downstairs office to make a better, greener and more work friendly environment. Our aim was to make a sustainable garden that is easily maintainable with simple tools in every season of the year.

We planted amber plants into our existing plant boxes, complemented with phlox plants. We intended to create a wall to separate our terrace from our neighbors to increase our privacy and workflow. We renovated our existing plant boxes and after a full soil replacement, we planted two service-trees, into each of the plant boxes. We have placed them around the walls, next to the windows. We have created an edge around the terrace, by planting an 8m long and 60cm wide flowerbed.  The plants used around the terrace will create a natural barrier around the terrace and will help to increase our privacy. We have connected the balcony railings to the garden tree with metal wires to help the wild grape plant to grow on it. Creating a living, wild roof over our terrace and picnic table.

At the end of the day, we celebrated the finishing of our new garden design with a small office picnic with snacks and wine, that lasted into the late evening.

In the near future we will continue our work around the garden. We have plans for a new picnic table, bicycle racks, street furniture and some more accessories.










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