Bálna (Whale)

Year of design:
2009 - 2012
Gross floor area:
27 000 m2
Kas Oosterhuis, ONL HUngary
Senior designer:
Lajos Hartvig DLA
Project leader designers:
Nagypál Viktor, Székely Ágnes
Éles Péter
Porto Investment Hungary kft.

Our office have got the opportunity to take part in the CET project (today: Bálna -whale) in 2009. The design of the renewal and transformation into an iconic object of the former public warehouse buildings (Közraktárak) was made by the Dutch architect office ONL.

There has been a new freely formed, parametric monocoque structure built over and beyond the courtyard between the renovated warehouse buildings. Bánáti + Hartvig Architect Studio, as the subdesigner of the steel structure’s constructor was the general designer and coordinator of this unique lattice structure in Hungary. Under the supervision of our office was made the static model, construction and fabrication plans of the thousands of different beams and nodes.

Our partners: Reticolo Kft (static design), Földes Mérnökiroda Kft (fabrication plans)