Bautrans Transporta Technical Traffic Base

Year of design:
Gross floor area:
3 100 m2
Senior designers:
Béla Bánáti Árpád Ferdinánd
Project leader designer:
György Hidasi
Péter Éles, Katalin Fazekas, Tóth-Szabó Balázs
Bautrans Transporta Kft.

The principal is the Bautrans Transport shipping company, which wished to accomodate primarily its administrational division and the ones dealing with the repair, filling and operation of trucks in the new building. A building is always based upon the cooperation of two parties minimum, upon the harmony of the designers and the principals ways of thinking. We can call ourselves lucky because resulting from the purpose of the building, transparency, which we are especially fond of, could receive significant emphasis. The entire site must be visible from the office so that the movements of tracks can be traced. Therefore, they wanted to have even the internal partitions from glass. This rational wish together with a freedom created the conditions of designing a good building, a genuine piece of art. Moreover, the construction work was also done by us, which meant a guarantee that the house is built in a quality we designet it.