BudaPart – Kopaszi gát – BRA.BRC buildings

Year of design
Gross floor area
15 276 m2
Senior architects
Lajos Hartvig
Project leader architect
Ágnes Székely
Csaba Bukta, Tamás Ferencz, Judit Zajacz

The developer is planning a complex investment in the area with several buildings, in multiple construction phases, for both residential and office functions in an urban, but near nature environment, with the creation of high quality built environment from the anticipatory building concept.

The investor has invited several renowned architecture firms with relevant references, including our office, to a tender to design the concept plan for the first stage of the project. It included the design to two adjacent residential buildings, located on the north side of the site: BR-A and BR-C building.

The proposed, mainly residential, buildings contain 272 (BRA-A:162 + BR-C:110) apartments, while restaurants and shops will be located on the ground floor.

Design principles:

– closed, inner city blocks -> opening the building blocks while retaining private spaces
– playful openings on the facade -> increasing the possibilities for views form apartments
– facade closed towards the street, open towards the inner courtyard -> intimacy of the community
– visual enhancement of the tower with distinct vertical pattern,
– in conjunction with a homogeneous façade for the entire building
– economical budget, while maximizing apartment numbers