Detached house – II. district

Year of design:
Gross floor area:
250 m2
Senior designer:
Lajos Hartvig DLA
Project leader designer:
Noémi Kiss
Anita Tarjányi-Dávid
Interior Designers:
András Fullár, Balázs Baranyai

In the scope of excellent collaboration with the client we designed a high-standard, large-terraced detached house with large spaces and good garden connection making maximum use of the development ratio and the panorama view from the upper levels. As a result of the shape and orientation of the plot, the planned building has a nearly rectangular ground plan, with a smaller, retracted floor-area level with a large terrace at the top. The first floor includes 3 bedrooms, the master bedroom turns to the environment with a large terrace with a panoramic view. There are two children’s rooms on the back garden side with bathroom and wardrobe.

Vehicles are located in the basement, in a garage for two cars, access is via a ramp located in the side garden. Apart from this, this level includes a gym room and storage areas.

Pedestrian access is on the south west side of the building on the ground floor, arriving in a two-level airy space. A large living room-kitchen-dining room was located on the south side, which ensures a spacious, representative living area, organically connected to the terrace, the garden and the swimming pool. In the zone on the back garden side there is a gust room and study with a bathroom.

Access between the levels is ensured with U-return winder stairs with a glass banister.

The next retracted level is space for complete relaxation, here we planned a sauna, steam-room, Jacuzzi and a huge terrace with a panoramic view.

This much smaller, uppermost level was connected to the form of the house with a lean-to room protruding by one and a half metres and a significantly shading pergola. These shading lamellas on this white, glass hand-railed house also turn to the southwest façade from the upper level terrace, and also appear at other points on the building.

The southwest and southeast facades are more open and turn towards nature and the panorama with large doors and windows, corner windows on every level and terraces. The northwest and north east facades are more closed, as a result of their function and orientation.

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