Gross floor area:
4 550 m2
Year of design:
Senior designer:
Lajos Hartvig DLA
Project leader designer:
Noemi Kiss
Anita Dávid, Laszlo Erdelyi, Laszlo Rem, Agnes Szekely
Ecoház Kft.

When planning the 54-unit building, an important consideration was to create a house that would not blend into the mass of numerous condominiums present in today’s housing market, but to provide it with distinctive, emblematic features.

The U-shape mass, consisting of ground floor + 4 floors, is divided to two blocks along the 60 m long street front. In the middle of it we ‘removed’ 4 storeys above the shops, this way bringing out the inner green garden to the façade plane. This enriches the street side view with plants climbing on horizontal wooden trellis, thus making the building unique.

The condominium planned to Fáy utca 75. has a basement + ground floor + 4 storeys, divided into two vertical circulation cores, around which the flats are arranged in a central corridor system. The two staircases are situated on the northern front towards Fáy utca. The building can be accessed on public road from a street to be newly constructed along the eastern façade of the building.

Different flats can be found in the building ranging from small studio apartments to larger, 2-3 bedroom apartments, but each apartment has a balcony or a large terrace. Parking is solved in the basement and on part of the ground floor.