Green Court Residences

Tervezés éve
Bruttó szintterület
23.000 m²
Vezető tervező
Hartvig Lajos DLA
Projektvezető tervező
Kiss Noémi, Nagypál Viktor,
Bárdi Emese, Bukta Csaba, Ferencz Tamás, Guld Bea, Kádár Gergő, Márton Annamária, Náray Katalin, Őry Balázs,
Építtető/ kiíró
Pesti Házak kft.
Codic International S.A.
Year of design:
Gross floor area:
- m²
Senior designer:
Hartvig Lajos DLA
Project leader designers:
Noémi Kiss, Viktor Nagypál,
Emese Bárdi, Csaba Bukta, Tamás Ferencz, Bea Guld, Gergő Kárdár, Annamária Márton, Katalin Náray, Balázs Őry,
Pesti Házak kft.
Codic International S.A.

Contemporary architecture in the spirit of elegance. When designing the building complex being constructed under the direction of Pesti Házak Zrt. and Codic International S.A., the aim was to create a residential building of lasting value. The most important goal in the design phase was to create an open, outwardly communicative, welcoming building accessible from multiple directions. The area inside the block is envisaged with lush vegetation which will be visible and enjoyable from all angles.
The light, exclusively designed passageways and common interior spaces interconnecting on several storeys have the ambitious goal of acting as a catalyst in developing good neighbourly relations.

We have designed sunlit apartments with a rational spatial structure that are equally suitable for family life or calm solitude. Every apartment has a large balcony with a view of either the inner courtyard or the green of the park opposite. The undulating geometrical shapes of the railings and the balconies impart individual character, giving the building a dynamic musicality. The Client’s careful attention and open attitude to architectural values and to the human dimension as well as the extraordinary harmony achieved by joint thinking played a major role in the evolution of the merits of the design.

One of the special features of Green Court Residences is the elegant internal atrium, which links the interior spaces from the ground floor to the uppermost storey and is capped by a glazed roof that allows natural light to illuminate the communal areas.

For the final design of the remarkable interior, we asked renowned interior designers to work in close cooperation with the designing architects in order to create an independent and unique concept in each of the two phases that is consonant with the striking appearance of the building’s exterior.

The lobby and communal areas of the first phase will win acclaim as the work of the outstanding Ybl Prize winning architect Nóra Demeter.

The Demeter Design Studio is an architectural design practice with international experience and a high degree of professionalism which delivers elegant yet bold solutions that engage in a sensitive human dialogue.

This building complex will create a new inner park surrounded by the buildings and thus, thanks to Green Court Residences, the environs of Kassák Park will be further enhanced and modernised. It is no exaggeration to say that in the coming years this will be one of the most attractive spots in Budapest, a green gemstone in the heart of the city.