Hotel – Csengeri ****

Year of design:
Gross floor area:
7 400 m2
Senior designer:
Lajos Hartvig DLA
Project leader designer:
Peter Eles
Anita David, Dalma Eberling, Adorjan Portik , Zsófia Szilagyi
Alfa Group Facility Management Kft.

The 168-room four-star hotel building with a conference room for 140 people was designed to Budapest, District VI, Terézváros Csengery utca 31. The building has 3 floors of underground garage + ground floor + 8 storeys, a total of 12 floors. One street front of the corner plot is situated in Csengery utca, while the other overlooks Hunyadi tér, one of the area’s major green surfaces.



In setting up the design program of the four-star hotel it was a key factor to achieve the maximum number of rooms possible. In addition to the basic functions of a hotel – lobby, restaurant, bar – also a conference hall was planned. Three underground garage levels were designed under the building, and also the service rooms of the hotel can be found here. On the ground floor, public spaces are organized around the inner courtyard and the Hunyadi tér façade. Service functions are placed on the Csengery utca side. The hotel’s main entrance is from Hunyadi tér. Right to the entrance there is the reception and lobby, and the elevators are located opposite to it. The restaurant and the bar are connected to the lobby space. In the restaurant, which overlooks the inner garden, ~ 100 people can be seated at once. The connection to the garden provides an opportunity to establish a dining terrace.


The gallery floor is not completely built-up in order to create a larger, more prestigious height in the lobby, and also to maintain a ~ 3.0 m clear height where high ceilings are not absolutely necessary – in the restaurant or the kitchen. The ~140-seat conference hall, which can be divided by mobile walls, and the connected lobby are placed on the gallery. Lecture halls can be accessed via elegant straight stairs starting from the lobby. Also, the terrace above the main entrance of the building is connected to this level.


The hotel room floors are arranged in a central corridor system, around the staircase core that is placed in the dark corner. Vast majority of the rooms are double rooms. Prestigious suites were designed on the upper levels of the building corner.




The house is a corner building, and there is a significant difference between the cornice-level of the connecting two neighboring buildings. This difference in height is bridged by a mass-play of the proposed building. The cornice height of the building mass containing the lower floor hotel rooms is adjusted to the height of the lower neighbor on Hunyadi tér, which represents the typical height of the area. The mass of the upper room levels is fit to the higher neighbor standing in Csengery utca.