Óbuda Mix Project

Year of design
Gross floor area
30 000 m2
Lead designer
Béla Bánáti, Lajos Hartvig DLA
Project lead-designer
Ágnes Székely
Dang Trinh Hai, Gergő János Szloboda , Norbert Szilágyi, Kata Fleischer, András Csiha, Maja Toshikj
Ceetrus Hungary Kft.

The plans for the Óbuda Mix Project were drawn up for a competition to design a multifunctional building. The client imagined accommodating offices, a three-star hotel, a student hostel, a gym and catering units of varied standards in the building. However, a further requirement was that the different functions could be converted for office use with relative ease.

In response, BH’s architects designed a building with an exciting shape incorporating three breaking points with a zigzag floor plan. The building height and the number of storeys increase from west to east, declining slightly after the last breaking point. Thanks to its massing, the building connects with nature at numerous points, which is strengthened by the transparent design of the frontage. Lamellae, whose extent is defined by the orientation of the façade, provide shading. This means that the presence of the lamellae on the south and west side is more intense in order to cope with the higher solar exposure while on the east and north façades they are discreetly restrained.

Above all, the architects wished to solve the convertibility of the building complex into an office building by a communication network of a width that can satisfy all the functions that may be required. In its basic layout, the different functions are separated by the communication cores, so that each unit can be used independently and without interference but can also be combined if necessary.

The architectural concept also considered the built environment of the area. The main point of reference is the neighbouring Graphisoft Park, whose buildings allow the viewer to follow the phases of contemporary architecture. BH’s architects also took this into account when drawing up the plans.