Ady Endre Street apartment building


The residential apartment building is located in Ady Endre street 22., in the elegant “Rózsadomb” hill area of the 2nd district of Budapest, adjacent to the Embassy of Moldova and the British Embassy of Budapest.

The plot has a beautiful panoramic view towards the hills of Buda, thanks to this, the building is designed to face the view with large glass surfaces. The building has underground parking and is 4 stories high, including the ground floor.

The shape of the building has been designed so that it has the qualities of a contemporary high pitched roof building with hidden roof drain pipes and wall planes meeting the roof planes in a single edge.

It is important to note the contrast of the dark colored clinker brick cladding next to the light-colored exposed concrete balcony edges and ledges, with visually harmonizing metal rod railings on the façades. Towards the street, there are small slit like windows, while on the other side there are large glass surfaces towards the view of the Buda hills.

Year of design


Gross floor area

799,21 m²

Senior architect

Lajos Hartvig DLA

Project leader architect

Gergő Kádár


Boglárka Barci

Clients/ Investors:

Kovács Endre, Kovács Valéria Zsuzsanna, Schweiger Tamás, Schweiger Katalin

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