Chinoin special storage and office building


In the scope of an invitation for proposals our plan was selected from among the plan entries submitted by Hungary’s best architect offices by Chinoin, a member of the Sanofi Group.
In the planning programme of our winning plan proposal that keeps the vision of the client of sustainable development in mind we gave form to a building with god structure and profile.
The main features of the building:
– clean area measuring and special materials storage
– high warehousing
– changing rooms and office block

The quality principles of the building:
– rational ground plan organisation
– safe operation, ensuring the special storage demands for hazardous materials
– unique profile
– financial feasibility

Materials use:
Steel corrugated plate, sandwich panel, visible concrete, large-area, motorised COLT shading, green roof

Year of design:


Gross floor area:

1 500 m2

Senior designer:

Béla Bánáti

Project leader designer:

Regina Kurucz


Csilla Dubniczki
Gabriella Hoffman


Chinoin Zrt.