Danube Terrace housing estate


The basic concept of the development located on the Marina bank was to establish building wings with a north-south axis which results in apartments with favourable orientation with the use of a distributed access system extended in places with a central corridor.
These wings were intersected with planes nearly perpendicular to the Danube and at a slight angle to each other, so ensuring different identities to the north-south and to the east-west directions. The housing estate with 362 homes is strongly divided both in the horizontal and vertical directions, the objective of which is to aid the identification of the various points of the building.

At special points where the two systems meet we raised “towers” as compared to the characteristically five-storey building height, with this achieving airier and more spacious are proportions.
In accordance with the basic concept, the penetration of the two coordinate systems organises the development extent, the masses and the façade formation, but it also has an effect on the architecture-landscape of the interior of the entire block.
The connection of the masses interacting with each other defines the differing materials and colours on the building.

The north-south axis wings would have received a light grey coloured rendering and the east-west wings a darker, glossy claret coloured rendering. During the construction work these colours were changed to a light and a dark yellow in harmony with the concept of the district that imagines the new residential quarter around Foka bay in a “Mediterranean” atmosphere.



Year of design:


Gross floor area:

50 000 m2

Senior designer:

Lajos Hartvig DLA

Project leader designer:

Székely Ágnes


Emese Czuppon,
Dalma Éberling,
Péter Éles,
Ádám Kramm †,
Nóra Novotny,
Anikó Nyárasdi,
Margó Petró,
Zita Simon,
Ágnes Szeder- Krausz,
Balázs Tóth-Szabó,
Zoltán Veres


Fadesa Hunária Kft.