Finnforest Warehouse and office building

Featured, Commercial/Industrial

The warehouse base of Finnforest can be classified into a type of building that is considered frequent nowadays: an industrial hall plus a head building attached to it. In this case, the hall accommodated an unheated warehouse, complemented by a workshop dealing with cutting of furniture boards; the head building contains offices and social spaces.

We managed to design all this with good mass proportions. The unique appearance, charm of the building results from the facade made from plywood applied as external covering, which is suitable for symbolizing the company since they sell this product. Three years ago, when we designed the building, this solution was of a pioneering character.

The pale clinker brick and the wooden covering stained deep dark create the lus that gives life to the house even oday. (The interesting part of the story i that we originally conceived a dark lite brick base with light wooden overing but on the one hand, there was no blue brick available and on the ther hand, the wood had be stained ark due to UV protection, thus, the riginal conception turned into its i verse.)

Year of design:


Gross floor area:

4 800 m2

Senior designers:

Béla Bánáti,
Árpád Ferdinánd


István Berkeczi,
Péter Éles,
Katalin Fazekas


Baillou Faipari Kereskedelmi Kft.