Government district

Culture/Education, Development

Multi-storey city:

The very first principle is that pedestrian circulation should be solved basically on the ground floor, preferably in the less obstructed way. Therefore, any other means of transport except tram were placed underground nearby the facility.

„Green shadow” routes

The second principle of our concept was to create a large contiguous green area, which serves the city center residents’ recreation. Therefore, the tracks were covered and connected to the roof park on top of Westend, and this area was extended to the Zoo. Our goal was to cover the city with a network of “green shadow” routes as dense as possible. With these planned green surfaces, Városliget could join the network of city parks.

The spatial connections of ministries

The government buildings were treated basically as working places, rather than as symbols of power. Accordingly, in their design primarily functional and environmental concerns played a role.


  • Daily” flexibility: the service premises of the ministries and the conference center are arranged along a common corridor area, which reduces the chances of congestion with a smart use.
  • “Year” flexibility: a three-storey building wing on the train-side provides the ministries with the possibility of handing over the areas.
  • “Four Year” flexibility: Thus, several ministries can be accommodated in one building, and the use of two or more buildings can be combined.
  • “Permanent” flexibility: the buildings have two circulation and sanitary cores per floor, and except these cores, the office spaces can be converted into any kind of office system.
  • Access from Teréz körút

The area’s key contact surface with the city is Teréz körút and Nyugati tér. Therefore, the main entrances of the facility: namely Westend, the reconstructed Nyugat Railway Station, the Government Quarter and the Constitutional Court are opened from here. The main entrances’ demand for an elegant access is solved by means of landscaping Nyugati tér and Teréz körút and placing car traffic below ground level. Metró shopping mall is to be demolished and the square in front of it will also be turned into a park.

Relocation of the tracks from Nyugati Railway Station

Tracks will be relocated from the building of Nyugati Railway Station, and the track ends will be aligned with the tracks next to Westend. A Locomotive Park will be created in the Nyugati Railway Station building, and trees will be planted to replace the tracks.

Covering the tracks

The green roof above the tracks starts from Nyugati Railway Station and ends at Dózsa György út, connecting Nyugati Railway Station to Városliget with vegetation. Due to its dimensions, the site can become one of the most important downtown recreation areas, which would satisfy important public needs, of course with lots of green areas.

Vitalization of Podmaniczky utca

The main approach route of the complex is Podmaniczky utca. It is important to convert it into an attractive, lively urban pedestrian street so the car traffic is placed under the ground level.


When preparing the schedule, our intention was to set up a first phase that includes the complete Government Quarter in accordance with the design brief, but also to create only a minimal need of constructing secondary functions.

Public functions to Teréz körút

The entrance building of the Government Complex from Teréz körút basically includes features that are accessible also for civilians due to the functions’ lower security level. The building implies openness, transparency and democracy; and it is surrounded by a public park on two sides. The high-security government buildings are provided with access control connections.

Emblematic entrance

The Government Complex can be accessed from Teréz körút, under the „Bridge of Positive Outlook” across Kommunikációs tér, where the most important elements of the current government’s four-year program are displayed in the form of periodic multimedia exhibition.

Function schema

Designed as a single functional unit, without external transit traffic.

Easy access

The proximity of Teréz körút

Year of design:


Gross floor area:

144 00 m2

Senior designer:

Bela Banati ,
Hartvig Lajos DLA

Project leader designer:

Agnes Szekely


Anita David,
Andras Fullar,
Ádám Kramm †,
Margo Petro ,
Zoltan Veres


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