Hotel – Hold St

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The original four-storey, closed courtyard, pitched roof building with cellar was constructed for the Hungarian Railways in the middle of the 1870s on the basis of the plans drawn up by Ferenc Dötzer. Following World War II it was transformed from a residential building into an office building, another storey was built onto it and the courtyard was partly built in.

During the reconstruction into a 4-star hotel a significant part of the existing building is to be demolished, only the three original, protected street facades will remain. Apart from 150 hotel rooms and the basic hotel functions – lobby, restaurant, bar – the new interior core is to include a ballroom, conference rooms and a gym and spa section.

A 3-storey, uniformly treated floor addition is to be constructed above the 4-storey, 19th century façade main cornice “hidden” under a 45 degree angle. On the first level of this, between the roof superstructures linked every 2-3 windows, the roof plane runs down to the original main cornice, on the two levels above this we placed larger, seemingly randomly allocated openings in the roof plane that conform to the façade system below it. The 3-storey roof above the original main cornice has received a metal plate covering, horizontal lamellas run in front of the entire surface of the roof, which may be moved in front of the windows. We are retaining the two corner domes in a reinterpreted way, as they belong to the image of the building.

Year of design:


Gross floor area:

11.060 m2

Senior designer:

Béla Bánáti

Project leader designers:

Noémi Kiss,
Gábor Korintus


Szabolcs Lénárt,
Mónika Csordás,
Marcell Balázs,
Czégeni Csaba


ABCD 2007 Szolgáltató Kft.