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Among some other renowned architect offices, the Investor also invited our office to prepare a concept plan for the plot, which became his property, located in Újlipótváros, adjacent to RaM Colosseum and Cézár Ház.

The planned – mostly residential – building complex includes 226 housing units. Commercial, service and entertainment functions, as well as a kindergarten are placed on the ground floor areas.

Design principles:
– Economic realization, maximizing the number of apartments to be sold.
– Keeping the valuable existing trees of the area.
– Maximizing the green surfaces and the areas of green roofs: terraces on the upper levels, green roof building block interior, playground in the inner courtyard, a kindergarten garden, common garden, private gardens for 1st floor homes.
– Building mass that is playfully liberated within the framework of the urban planning regulations in force, and synchronizes different needs.
– 4 facades – 4 directions – 4 different relationships with the city – 2 different regulatory systems – 4 types of orientation – 1 system.

Separating the plane of the bounding walls and that of the perforated façade cladding helps to handle the proportion of priority façade surfaces defined by the regulation, the loggia shading on the south side, and the openings integrated in the façade plane of the north-eastern side at the same time. As the openness of the façade is dynamically varying, the building shows a different face on each side while using only one architectural system.

Year of design:


Gross floor area:

18 900 m2

Senior designer:

Lajos Hartvig DLA

Project leader designer:

Peter Eles




Korall-Invest 2006 Kft.