Telki MLSZ Training center – new fitness centre


The hotel provides possibilities for training camps in accordance with the company profile. After the accommodation capacity had been increased they needed a new fitness center. Because the floor space and the equipment of the old hall -besides its position in the building- were not appropriate anymore.
We placed the new gym next to the existing sports hall. The two areas can be connected by sectional doors in order to provide opportunity for complex training of large teams.”
The new building is a steel frame structure covered with sandwich panels according to the sport function. The color of the façade cladding and the window framing is anthracite. The inner sides of the frame sections have been colored with vivid shades in order to avoid strict appearance.
The existing sport equipment and the functional zones had to be placed in the small space available. We planned a long window row towards the pitches and mirror surfaces onto the inner wall between the sports hall and the gym. We could avoid the feeling of being overcrowded in the hall with this solution.
“The layout plan of the fitness center was prepared involving a sport technology expert. We designed six fitness zones. These designated areas are suitable for different types of exercises. The fitness equipment and tools are grouped by zones.

Year of design:


Gross floor area:

470 m2

Senior architect

Béla Bánáti

Project leader architect:

Éva Kátai


Balázs Szelecsényi; Szabolcs Lénárt


Globall Sport & Wellness Hotel

Telki, Globall Sport & Wellness Hotel