Tulipan Street Apartment building


The Residential apartment building with 4 apartments is located in Tulipán Street, in the 2nd district of Budapest. The plot is located on a 20% slope facing South, with a gorgeous view towards the hills of Buda and the Castle. To take advantage of the view, the three story build has large transparent glass facades towards the south. The building also houses a large underground parking lot.

The building has a contemporary look with a modern titanium zinc cladded high pitched roof, that meets the stone facade, in a single line. The building has hidden gutter drains behind the stone façade.


Year of design


Gross floor area

679,72 m²

Senior architect

Lajos Hartvig DLA

Project leader architect

Nóra Novotny


Boglárka Barci

Clients/ Investors:

Apartment building, Budapest, Residential buildings