Land development plan


When developing complex projects, large plots or plot groups, the preparations for the planning process begin with the drawing up of the development concept and the planning programme.

After determining the need for development, an iteration process begins, during which the requirements and development objectives are clarified in collaboration with the developer and then we identify the available resources.



Plot survey


One of the surveys performed in the early phase of the concept-creation process is the plot capacity survey. If valid zoning regulations exist for the plot, we use these to give proposals for the best form of utilisation and method of development. We also examine the area’s existing road and public utility infrastructure, its development possibilities, and the plot’s geodesic and soil-mechanics features.

Even in this early phase it is worthwhile consulting the buildings authority and the special authorities about the plans for the plot. We undertake to draw up zoning plans or amend earlier settlement development concepts and zoning plan.



Drawing up the development study plan


After the surveying and analysis phase, the concept can be established. A development study plan is drawn up, the so-called “master plan”. This plan presents the characteristics and possibilities of the area. Then in the knowledge of the data obtained when determining the development objective and performing the plot survey, we make a recommendation for the development, we present the infrastructural requirements of the development and its environmental impacts, then a development plan concept or proposal is drawn up for the amendment of the regional development plan.


The technical content of the proposed site plan is characteristically the following:

A comprehensive technical description covering every specialist field, in which we present

  • the affected area and its environment
  • the development objectives and instruments
  • the development concept and its effects
  • the transport, environmental and infrastructural requirements of the development
  • the zoning plan elements that are required or that need amendment

The plans of the proposed development, on which we depict

  • the planned plot borders and the safety distances
  • the number of storeys and their functions characterising the proposed development, including indication of the structures under ground level
  • the connected public areas and those within the plot
  • the green areas and surfaced areas
  • the transport/access areas, the transport concept and the parking system
  • the main paths of the public utilities and the associated structures above surface level
  • the scheduling and the implementation phases

3D visualisation and marketing documentation

  • photo-realistic visualisation plans or visualisation plans integrated into photographs
  • interactive panorama images
  • 3D motion pictures, animation
  • marketing documentation, sales brochures


Property development consulting


If the client so requires, the service provided by us may also include tasks that are not specifically of an architectural-technical nature, and which we perform with the collaboration of our partners who have significant professional experience, and with whom we have been working for years. Such, mainly management related, services include cost planning, i.e. the estimation of the costs of the implementation and operation, return of investment calculation, the planning of the scheduling of the development in terms of money and time, financing consultation, and tender writing.