Designing of residential building


The architect has a great deal of responsibility when planning contemporary residential buildings: people and families with various lifestyles and attitudes will spend a significant part of their lives in these spaces; therefore, when designing a home, the architect needs to know how to reconcile a large number of aspects and requirements.

An efficient, professional team of designers with up-to-date knowledge is required in order to produce high quality plans.



Sustainable architecture, progressive design


Apart from taking the client’s needs into consideration, we find it especially important for the buildings we plan to represent sustainable architecture with a well-thought-out, coherent and clear design.

We devote great attention to energy-efficiency, to the creation of a healthy living space as well as to low overheads.

During our activity we plan newly constructed family homes and undertake the energy-aware renovation and extension of existing buildings.


A+ energy efficiency rated houses and passive houses are especially energy-efficient, the planning of which is carried out by our certified passive house planning team.



Comprehensive planning, guaranteed quality


It is both in the client’s and our interest for our carefully drawn up plans to result in the quality buildings that were conceived on the plan sheets. In the interest of this our office follows all the phases of the planning and construction of the house, starting from the selection of a suitable plot to the handing over of the keys:

  • we undertake the planning of the house as general planner so ensuring suitable collaboration between the statics engineer, the electrical and building engineering specialists and the landscape designer,
  • we perform the selection of the appropriate building contractor,
  • we select the appropriate technical inspector who guarantees your interests and quality.


Only with this comprehensive service are we able to ensure a high level of quality. Relying on our wide range of experience, we offer the planning of the most varied of contemporary residential buildings, such as:

  • detached family houses,
  • semidetached and terraced houses,
  • apartment buildings.
  • housing estates.



Apartment mix (composition of apartments within the building)


When planning larger residential buildings or apartment buildings, setting up a good apartment mix has fundamental importance and unavoidable in creating the initial concept. We have extensive experience in the area of planning apartment buildings and housing estates, and we are able to help set up the composition of the different types of apartment in the building in line with the given location and the market environment.

We determine the dimensions of the various apartment types, the number of rooms, their sizes and the fittings. We analyse the current trends, market conditions and the economics in order to ensure that the total value of the apartments is as large as possible in the long term, too.




Design tasks, services



Plot selection


Optimally, the planning of a family home starts with the selection of the plot. Our services include consultation before purchasing a plot, during which we assist you in selecting a construction plot that fits in best with your ideas.

Whether you are already the owner of a plot of land, or perhaps you are interested in a specific plot, we draw up a detailed survey, which includes a capacity check, the precise mapping out of the legal environment and the regulatory indicators. In this way, we make a proposal for the most optimal and economic utilisation of the plot in accordance with the stated requirements.



Specification of the design programme


We will be glad to help you put the design programme together. After precisely determining your requirements and ideas we set up a planning programme, which is an important basis of our collaboration.



Concept plan


First of all, development outline plans are drawn up for the plot, these take into consideration the orientation and the environmental features, as well as the development indicators and the authority prescriptions.

By designing residential buildings we focus on efficiency, the use of the available area, energy efficiency and on performing an isolation examination (how much sunlight the building is exposed to).

At the beginning of the planning process, after the planning programme has been drawn up, we create an Concept Plan. According to the planning contract, we draw up 2-3 markedly different outlines or concepts, from which you can easily select the one you find the most suitable.


The purpose of the Concept Plan is to establish:

  • the positioning of the building within the plot,
  • the space connections,
  • the ground plan arrangement,
  • and the mass form.


Submittal of the Building Permit documentation is frequently preceded by a townscape opinion procedure, the conditions of which are set down in the local building regulations. The opinion procedure enables the mayor to ensure that the buildings constructed in the settlement fit in with the local townscape.



Building Permit Plan


We carry out all the authority administration procedures. This service includes continuous communication and consultation with the competent construction authority and the different authorities.

We draw up the Building Permit Plan on the basis of the Concept Plan and in accordance with the programme agreed to with the Client, in the way and with the content prescribed by law (Government Decree No. 312/2012 [XI. 8.]), and take care of the acquisition of the Building Permit.



Tender Plan


In the case of a residential building the Tender Plan serves the purpose of you being able to select the best construction contractor, while in possession of the Building Permit Plans.

This plan is more detailed than the Building Permit Plan, but not as elaborated as the Construction Plan. An important new element as compared to the previous planning phase is the non-priced, itemised bill of quantities, which contains precise names of items, amounts and numbers in connection with all the materials, work processes and technologies to be built into the house:




A Construction Plan is also essential in the case of larger residential buildings (over 300 m2 and three building levels). We undertake to draw up the comprehensive plan documentation required for the construction work according to Government Decrees No. 191/2009 (IX.15.) and No. 322/2012. (XI. 8.). This plan covers all specialist fields and includes technical descriptions and a bill of quantities.



Architectural supervision


Our planning services may also include regular architectural supervision performed as the representative of the Developer, in the scope of which the architect collaborates with the technical supervisor to check the implementation of the architectural plans as experts, consults with the Construction Contractor about the current construction processes, and ensures the quality and professional standards expected by the Client during the construction process.



As-built documentation


After the construction is completed, the precise documentation of the finished building is compiled in order for the building to be put into use, which documentation is also submitted to the Developer. This, in practice, is a construction permit plan, the basis of which is the documentation from each specialist field provided and created by the Construction Contractor and handed over to the Architect.



Marketing plans


We are ready to draw up the marketing plan in connection with the buildings we design, including 3D architectural graphics, presentation materials and visualisation plans aimed at the effective and spectacular presentation of the building.

With the help of professional partner companies, we can undertake to create moving picture and virtual reality presentations that satisfy every need, even in versions optimised for smartphones and tablets.



BIM model (Building Information Modeling)


“The building information model (BIM) is the physical and functional representation of the facility. The BIM model is a common information source facilitating responsible decision-making, which follows the entire lifetime of the facility, from conception to demolition.”

This, in fact, is a 3-dimensional building model that may contain the plans for all the specialist fields and each element may be given the most varied of detailed characteristics and information. Depending on its degree of detail, the model may be used for a great variety of purposes, starting from construction coordination (e.g. revealing sensitive details, geometrical conflicts, surfaces, precise calculation of amounts of materials), and for almost any purpose during utilisation and operation of a building.



Project management, implementation


We offer project management services related to property investments, including implementation and tendering, in English and German.