3D modelling, visualisation plans


Three dimensional modelling accompanies the planning process all the way through, from the creation of the outline plans, the construction permit plans, to the construction plans. The degree of detail in the 3D model differs among the various plan phases.

In the outline plan phase, the 3D model is primarily suitable for presenting the main geometric forms and the materials used, from which a simpler, not necessarily photo-realistic, visualisation plan may be created.

While the Building Permit Plans are being drawn up, it becomes possible to create a more detailed model, as a result of which, if required, we can also create photo-realistic visualisation plans. These visualisation plans are able to present the external appearance of the building in a realistic way, and if the client requests it, we will also undertake to create professional interior visualisation plans.

Our office is completely capable of creating 3D models of buildings in full collaboration with the engineering specialists, even in the construction plan phase.

While creating the architectural visualisation plans, it is also possible to create realistic external visualisation plans integrated into photographs, interior design visualisation plans, building animations and building models that you can “walk through”.



BIM modeling


BIM modeling (Building Information Modeling) is becoming increasingly popular in Hungary in construction planning firms. In our office, we use the BIM product of an internationally recognised Hungarian company for every phase of the planning process.

Our engineering specialists (statics, building engineering, building electrics) draw up their own part of the work on the basis of the architectural BIM model also in 3D, which naturally involves continuous consultation and coordination. A planning process based on BIM modelling makes it possible to perform collision detection between the final architectural and specialist field plans, which, today, is essential in the case of larger, more complex buildings and building complexes.