Field trip to Ljubljana Day 2

Field trip to Ljubljana Day 2

On the second day we visited the Situla housing and office tower, that we were allowed to go on the roof of, then the Ljubljana Mosque, which is currently under construction, and Student housing units also designed by Bevk Perović Arhitekti.

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We observed Tetris Apartments social housing units designed by OFIS arhitekti. At lunch time we walked over to the old city center and over the Ribja Brv footbridge designed by ARhitektura D.O.O

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During the afternoon we visited several buildings designed by SADAR+VUGA architects: The Vander Hotel Resort design hotel, the main hall of the Bank of Slovenia headquarters. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, the Football Stadium and the Multipurpose Sports Hall Stožice.

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During the exciting two day trip we got to see a myriad of contemporary architecture and our team had a wonderful time.


(Photos: Boglárka Barci, Emese Bárdi, András Csiha, Lajos Hartvig, Szabolcs Lénárt, Péter Márkus, Zoló Nyirati, Bereniké Tuza)