At Bánáti and Hartvig Architects, we place great emphasis on people’s well-being. We pay attention to this in shaping and maintaining our work environment as well as in the course of our professional activities and design work. A building, either where we work or which we design, is more than the sum of bricks and mortar and spaces. A building is the continuous interaction of people, spaces, environment and technology.


We have been working together with a WELL consultant since 2018 in order to ensure that our endeavours develop and progress in a certified framework.


WELL is a green building certification system which focuses on people. It was created following the recognition that building designs often did not provide an appropriate environment for the healthy functioning of the human body.

Lessening the possibilities of organic and mental diseases, WELL is arranged around ten concepts: air and water quality, nourishment, light, movement, thermal comfort, sound, material, mind and community.


Today buildings are designed and built following WELL guidelines in over fifty countries worldwide. Firms using such guidelines include ARUP in Ireland and the USA, SKANSKA in the Czech Republic, and CBRE in Canada, Spain and Australia.


We are among the first in Hungary to use the International WELL Building Standard to ensure interior well-being, and we regularly organise presentations and workshops on the topic and other events supporting health.