DHL Logistics Center, Ferihegy

Year of design:
Gross floor area:
11 720 m2
Senior designer:
Béla Bánáti
Project leader designers:
Gabriella Hoffman, Zoló Nyirati
Mónika Csordás, Zoltán Vass
Budapest Airport Zrt.

In 2010 we drew up a large-scale development plan for Budapest Airport for the unused areas of the airport. The first element of the development was the DHL centre building including 3000 square metres of office space and 7800 square metres of warehouse space. The building consists of a two-level, 15 m wide and a 30 m wide structural part integrated with each other in the longitudinal direction. The ground floor of the two-storey part is functionally connected to the hall, its first floor consists entirely of offices. Personnel access and emergency routes are ensured by four stairways, as nearly 300 persons work in the first-floor office block, partially arranged as cells and partially in an open-plan arrangement. The building is characterised by the rhythm set by the four external stairways protruding from the basic mass and by a use of colour that is more dynamic than is usual for the majority of industrial buildings.