Zuhatag alley – detached house

Year of design:
Gross floor area:
410 m2
Senior designer:
Lajos Hartvig DLA
Project leader designer:
Ágnes Székely
András Fullár, Ádám Kramm †, Margó Petró, Balázs Tóth-Szabó

Our German client commissioned us to plan a high-standard, three-storey family house that fits into the environment, has good garden connections and makes use of the given panorama on a plot located at Budapest district II, Zuhatag sor.

The built environment is Pasarét, an area of monument significance, in the immediate vicinity of the Napraforgó utca experimental villa estate. At present the majority of the buildings are neglected, numerous changes can be discovered which are foreign from the point of view of materials use and mass formation. The plot slopes in the northeast direction, nearly parallel to its longitudinal axis.

The building planned to be spacious for its users and ensure a representative living space has a rectangular ground plan, with a flat roof, and includes a building engineering level + basement + ground floor + 1st floor. We endeavoured to conform to the high-standard architectural environment of Napraforgó utca using mass formation and the applied architecture. Our planning principles are in line with the description published by István Genthon in Napkelet (1932): “Sunlight and air, purity and simplicity, practicality and wholeness flowing from all this.” In the level under the ground floor we placed a swimming pool and gym room, the ground floor includes a two level high living room, a spacious kitchen-dining area, a staff apartment, and bedrooms were placed on the upper floor. Access between the levels is ensured by a comfortable two-flight staircase with a glass banister. The design of the interior spaces is also characterised by grand elegance and demanding material use and colours that reflect the taste of the client: Brown Red coloured rendering, RHEINZINK metal plate surfacing, solid wood handrails, heat-insulated Schüco windows, polished Travertin limestone façade covering, and impregnated limestone block steps.